Gerry Thain MBE (FGT) 1926 - 2013... 

Gerry Thain MBE (FGT) 1926 - 2013

Gentleman, Inspirational Coach, Legend.


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Following a conversation with Anne a few moments ago, it is with great sadness that I must advise Gerry passed away peacefully in his sleep this afternoon. 

We have lost a very special person who will remain forever loved by so many, but we must also remember we have gained a shining star to guide us through our lives, along with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Gerryís indomitable spirit against all adversities has been a source of admiration and inspiration over many years. This courage had been tested to itís limits in recent days and his passing is an indication of how poorly he had become.

He is at peace now and has left behind a legacy of incredible friendships and achievements that will never be forgotten. He has moulded the pathway for so many lives and has touched us all with his caring and motivating personality, with never a thought towards personal credit for himself... but always with a twinkle in his eye.

He has always been a truly generous person, who through his love of swimming invited everyone to become part of a very special family... his family.

Everyone will have their own special memories of times and eras with Gerry and the many photographs and anecdotes that have been placed on this website are an honest and wonderful reflection of that. These offerings from all around the world were spoken of by different people to Gerry each day during visiting and have provided a great source of comfort, conversation and occasional laughter for him to hear... a true gesture of love that will never be forgotten.

So Iím sure we will all take a moment to thank Gerry and reflect on how much he has touched our lives and inspired us to travel to heights we may never have dared to believe in.

Knowing his character, I am sure at this time he would not want us to lament what we have lost, but rather to be proud of what we have gained during our own special moments with him.

Obviously this is a very difficult time for all and when more information becomes available over the next few days, we will make sure this is communicated to everyone.

Mike Le Resche (4th January, 18:10)







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