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Midland Masters

Back to normal for 2013

26-28th April 2013

Newbold Comyn Leisure Cetre, Leamington Spa

Closing Date 25th March

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National Masters

Long Course

14th-16th June 2013

Plymouth Life Centre

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Short Course

25-27th October 2013

Ponds Forge, Sheffield

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Recommended Meets...

Shrewsbury New Year Gala 5th January 2013

Closing Date 1st Dec 2012


Gloucester Masters

14th April 2013


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"Fly Past" News

Midland Masters including the FGT "Fly Past"

Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre, Leamington Spa

26-28th April 2013 - Results


Gerry Thain "Fly Past"  27th April 2013

FGT Commemorative Polo Shirt for the "Fly Past" - Click Here

Aaron Taylor, Alan Cooper, Alison Watkins (Badham), Andy Weedall,  Andrew Wolf, Anne Bourne, Becky Varney, Bernard Wills, Chas Eden, Claire Thorn, Craig Norrey, Darran Dyke, Dave Edwards, David Haynes, Debbie Fielding, Di Nash, Emily Paterson, Fatima Lindo, Flora Lee, Georgina Lee, Hayden Wakeling, Hayley Bettinson, Heather Tierney, Iain Hutchison, Ian Potter, Jai LeResche, James Bainbridge, Jane Brown(Triance), Jane Stalker, Jayne Ball,  Jeff Beech, Jenny Ball, Jo LeResche, Jo Seymour, Jo Swift, Jojo Neff, Justine Clark, Karen Burton, Kate Chase (Welch), Keith Ingram, Kevin Woodward, Kim Allen (Winwood), Leanne Sheasby, Lucy Lloyd Roach, Mark Maybury, Matthew Silverton, Michelle Baird (Jennings), Nick Green, Nicola Raine (Sheasby), Nik Mannasiev, Paul Millington, Paul Seymour, Paul Tainty, Pete Haw, Pete Triance, Phil Edwards, Sarah Cheesbrough, Sarah Thornton, Simeon Hemming, Sophie Heeley, Stacey Cameron, Stevan Eggleton, Steve Nash, Stuart Baker, Stuart Tierney, Suzanne Linton, Tim McMahon, Trevor Clark, Vicky Wassell, maybe plus a few others...

How the "Fly Past" was won

"Fly Past" Splits






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