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FGTFor over 50 years, Camp Hill Edwardians Swimming Club (an open Club which developed from a school swimming club) has succeeded in providing an exceptionally high standard of training for enthusiastic young swimmers, whilst retaining an atmosphere of enjoyment and friendship.

With a strong belief in a "club" philosophy as our most important foundation, we look to provide committed and talented young swimmers of all ages with the opportunity to participate in and enjoy the world of competitive swimming.

Avoiding the pressure that so often confronts young children in competitive sport, we focus on developing each individual to the fullest extent possible and are proud to be associated with several International, Commonwealth and Olympic swimmers both past and present.

I am delighted you have chosen to visit our website and hope the content provides you with a little insight into life at Camp Hill Edwardians SC. More importantly, if you are a keen, competitive swimmer I hope it will encourage you to come and visit us sometime. Visitors are always welcome on training nights - make sure you bring a costume!

New Members Trials: Any potential new junior members are invited to attend on Friday evenings at 6:30pm for assessment. Any questions please email  


F G Thain
Club Principal & Head Coach

Sadly we lost Gerry in January 2013 but the club continues on in his memory.

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